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Malay Translation Services

Schedule of Rates
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My charges are calculated based on the following:

* Number of pages in the source document

* The number of words in the source document

* Language pairs

* The original and translated documents' format

* Complexity

* Deadline

The following charges are mere guides. The final charges are arrived at as a result of negotiations.


Non Technical USD0.10 per word

Technical USD0.12 per word

Glossary USD0.15per word

Hourly Rate USD30.00 per hour


Non Technical USD0.25 per word

Technical USD0.03 per word

Glossary USD0.05per word

Minimum rate USD 30.00 or RM100.00(for Malaysian Clients)

My standard charges are subject to a minimum charge of RM100.00 (for Malaysian clients) and USD30.00 (for non-Malaysian clients)


-The above rates act only as a general guideline, the final charges are negotiable.

-The above apply only to 3000 words or less per day.

-A higher word count delivery is possible subject to a rush or urgency charge of 20% onwards.

-Discounts are given for a single project of 10,000 words and above.

-Discounts may also be available for prompt on-term

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